Turntable.fm + Google TV Is Awesome

I am pretty sure that I’m the lone Google TV fanboy. I love the ability to merge the television with Google Chrome … and to eventually lay the Android marketplace atop it (currently there are core apps like Pandora, Netflix, etc). 

I give Google TV a better shot to amass great content and better UI than I do the hardware manufacturers (I have never used the Samsung or Sony appstores that come preinstalled on the TVs).

Anyhow, here is another example of why I love Google TV: load Turntable.fm (http://www.turntable.fm) and your friends can share / DJ music throughout your home. And since:

  • your TV is likely the home’s largest screen
  • your TV is probably connected to your home’s best speakers
  • and your TV probably sits in an open, social area

It’s an excellent, optimal experience!

Haven’t tried Turntable.fm yet? Here’s a couple nice recaps:

  • TechCrunch: The New Early Adopter Addiction: Turntable
  • SAI: The Exclusive Music Site That Already Has Entrepreneurs Buzzing
  • Andrew Machado (super-fan): Turntable.fm – The Future of Music


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