Introducing Turning Art, The Netflix For Artwork

Rembrandt Painting

There’s a cool new service I heard about recently called TurningArt.

In a nutshell, it’s “Netflix for art with the option to buy.”

As a consumer, I love the idea, and like this segment of the art market in general. When I got married, my sister gave me a gift certificate for $888 for Wentworth Gallery.  It was more money that I ever spent for art, so I was excited about all the pieces I was going to be able to buy.

To my dismay, I went to the store and found that I could afford all of 5 pieces.  It was then that I realised that there is a huge bgap between cheap, commodity prints and stuff at galleries like Wentworth (or even more expensive than that).  There is no art for the “Banana Republic” market segment.

On top of this, I have also realised that consumers like me have very little confidence buying art.  You don’t want something that everyone else has, but at the same time, I need some social re-enforcement to buy something unique.  That’s why I think 20×200 is interesting in the social dynamic is creates between scarcity and social proof.

So I’m excited about TurningArt – it’s a cool service and I’ve always liked how big corporations can have rotating artwork in their offices.  Now I can have it in my living room!

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