Turnbull tells the government advisor in the 'budgie nine' to take a 'very hard look at himself'

Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: Stefan Postles/ Getty Images.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has dished our some stern fatherly advice to Christopher Pyne’s adviser, and ‘budgie nine’ member, Jack Walker.

Walker, 26, was one of nine men held in jail for four days after they stripped down to their swimmers at the Malaysian F1.

Yesterday they were handed a caution and discharged, with no conviction recorded, by a Malaysian court.

Speaking on Adelaide’s 5AA radio program this morning Turnbull shared his thoughts about Walkers’s actions in a way we can only liken to a scolding from dad, which usually runs something along the lines of: “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed”.

Turnbull said: “Certainly the young man involved needs to have a very hard look at himself and I am sure will be considering his future carefully.

“They apologised to the court and that was appropriate and they’re home, or on their way home, and that’s good.”

In July Walker was appointed innovation policy adviser to Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne.

In Sepang magistrate’s court, the men read out an apology and expressed remorse for their actions, saying it was “purely an error of judgment” and “moment of folly”.

“We are truly sorry for disrespecting the Malaysian flag and people,” they said.

A spokeswoman for Pyne told news.com.au the matter was being “handled appropriately by the Australian High Commissioner”.

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