Turnbull says his Trump impersonation was 'a good-humoured sort of roast'

Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: Getty Images.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has had to explain himself after a secret recording of a speech he gave at Canberra’s Mid-Winter Ball was leaked.

The video shows Turnbull mocking a meeting he had with US president Donald Trump in New York last month.

While the event is meant to be “off the record”, Turnbull said his speech was simply “a good humoured sort of roast” at a charity event to raise money.

“Well it is a great tradition, you know it’s a big charity fundraiser, they raised nearly $400,000 and it is a good humoured sort of roast really,” he told 3AW.

“The prime minister and the leader of the Opposition give a speech and poke fun at themselves and you know, often other politicians and so forth, but my speech was light-hearted, affectionately light-hearted and off the record.”

Turnbull presenting the speech at the Mid Winter Ball. Photo: Nine News.

Turnbull admitted he was disappointed it leaked, saying it was a breach of protocol and a breach of faith but he reiterated that it was “good-natured”.

“It’s light-hearted, it’s affectionate, good-natured and the butt of my jokes was myself,” he said, adding, “you’ve got to have a laugh, we’ve got to lighten up. It’s stressful business, politics.”

He also joked: “I guess what that means is that next year at the Mid-Winter Ball I will read selected passages from Budget Paper number 2.”

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