Turn Your Phone Into A Sushi Phone

At the InContext Conference in San Francisco yesterday, Mozilla and EverythingMe announced an Android phone launcher that could, among everything, turn your phone into a sushi phone.

Now that doesn’t mean you can eat your phone. But let’s say you’re in a new city. And let’s say you want to find where the closest sushi restaurant is. With the Firefox Launcher, the answers could be at the tip of your fingers, before you even decide to ask.

“We’re working together to deliver the best mobile Web experience to people everywhere — regardless of location, platform or device,” Mozilla said in a blog post. “We are happy to expand our work together with this new product to give people more smart, easy and innovative ways to personalise their Web experience and meet their needs in any context.”

EverythingMe is an Israeli company that wants to make your phone’s homescreen context-based, rather than search-based. It will group your folders based on their relation to each other and how you use them, and it will offer you a selection of apps based on the time of day, after it learns when and where you use certain things.

So for example, it will learn that you tend to read your Twitter timeline in the morning, and you like to read Business Insider at night when you get home. It will surface those sites at the particular times of day, without you having to search.

Eventually it will learn that you’re in a new city, so your Uber app should be surfaced, and perhaps you need to find that sushi restaurant on Yelp. It will surface those results, based on the context of your location.

And it will even recommend relevant apps, based on information it gleans.

“We’re trying to anticipate what users want without having to ask anything, and we’re trying to make finding things in context as fast as possible,” said Ami Ben David, co-founder of EverythingMe.

He gave a brief demo of the launcher at the conference.

He said that the launcher will try to cover the entire user experience, “anticipate what the user wants, the subjects the user is interested in, and then immerse the person in it.”

Firefox Launcher will be available in the coming weeks, once it begins beta testing.

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