This Gaming Startup Turns Your iPhone Into A Wii Remote For Apple TV

rolomotion tennis apple tv iphone game

A gaming startup in India is looking to bring motion-based gaming to the Apple TV, courtesy of your iPhone.

While numerous games let you play on your iPhone or iPad and have the images show via wireless on your Apple TV, Rolocule Games claims that the technology behind their “Rolocule Engine” removes the lag sometimes present in these titles through the use of advanced, patented algorithms.

Just as Nintendo used “Wii Sports” to show off the motion capabilities of the Wii, Rolocule’s first game to use the motion sensing technology is Motion Tennis, available now on the App Store for $7.99.

The game takes advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to mirror when you swing your iPhone in the game. It then uses Apple’s AirPlay technology to send the gameplay to your Apple TV, effectively turning it into a console without requiring the installation of software on Apple’s set-top box. 

We expect to see more titles take advantage of AirPlay functionality with the arrival of iOS 7. Apple has shown that it’s taking gaming on the platform seriously, integrating tools into the new version of its iPhone and iPad software that make it easier for game developers to work with dedicated controllers similar to those used by the Xbox or PlayStation.

Here’s a video demonstrating Motion Tennis:

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