Turn All The Lights On, Energy Now Grows On Trees

Energy now grows on trees which can be “planted” in Australia.

The sculptures, which are called eTrees, were designed in Israel by Sol-Logic. The company said they’re designed to be a cross between art, energy and nature and over the next 12 months, you can expect more than 20 of them to spring up around Australia — in schools, parks, universities and resorts.

“I’ll be very excited if I can get 20 trees planted in the next 12 months,” Guy Inbar, director of DifferenThinking in Melbourne said.

While none have been installed in Australia yet a number of councils in Melbourne and Sydney are considering the trees which cost between $40,000 and $100,000 each depending on which features are included.

Australia’s dry climate and sunny weather makes solar art like the eTree a nice fit.

“It’s taken millions of years, but mankind has finally designed a better tree. The old model provides shade, but the eTree provides shade on a hot day, plus a cold drink, free WiFi and a docking station for your iPhone,” Inbar said.

“Kids love to play around the eTree and adults love to use it to stay in touch.”

The canopy is made up of transparent solar panels that produce energy from the sun.

The eTrees can be used as shade in a recreation area, a drinking fountain, supply WiFi, provide light at night, be used as a docking station to charge smartphones or even allow people to chat to people who are at other eTrees.

“Payback is through the ability of people and the community to interact with the tree rather than just putting dollars back into your pocket,” Inbar said.

To date, trees have only been installed in Israel.

Here’s the video.

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