Turkish Airlines just fired 211 employees for 'behaviour against the interest of the country'

Turkish Airlines announced on Monday that it has fired 211 employees for what the company called “
attitudes and behaviours conflicting with the interest of our country.”
The announcement comes just 10 days after the a failed coup by members of the Turkish Army.

According to Turkish Airlines, the employees, whose employment contracts were terminated because their performance did not “align with the necessary actions” the airline is taking against FETO — an organisation the Turkish government claims is behind the attempted coup.

Turkish airlines issued the following statement to clarify the company’s decision to terminate the employees:

As of today, labour contracts of 211 Turkish Airlines employees have been cancelled. Active starting July 22, 2016, contracts are cancelled given the nonfulfillment of performance standards and align with the necessary actions we are taking against the FETÖ structure and attitudes and behaviours conflicting with the interest of our country and company. As Turkish Airlines, united with all of the heroic and honorable Turkish people, we have acknowledged our responsibility to terminate malevolent, illegal attempts. Under any circumstances, we have and will continue to fulfil our responsibility to contribute to democracy.

Following the failed July 15th coup in which 265 people were reportedly killed, the Turkish government has taken nearly 3,000 soldiers suspected of their involvement into custody. Turkish Airlines was named the seventh best airline in the world this month by leading consumer aviation website Skytrax.

The Turkish government holds a 49% equity stake in Turkish Airlines.

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