Here's what Russia will be up against if it decides to mess with Turkey

MGM-140 TurkeyWikimedia CommonsA MGM-140 launches a missile.

Following the downing of a Russian jet by the Turkish Air Force this morning, all eyes are on Turkey.

It should come as no surprise that Turkey was capable of taking out a Russian jet so easily. Turkey’s military uses cutting-edge equipment, including some bought in from the US and a surprising amount it builds at home.

Here is some of the military hardware used by Turkey:

The Turkish Air Force plane that reportedly shot down the Russian jet was a F-16 Fighting Falcon. Turkey has around 300 of these US multirole fighter aircraft that it built under licence.

Lee O. Tucker/Getty Images
The F-16 is still the mainstay of the US Air Force.

The Israeli-made IAI Heron is used by the Israeli Defence Force use to surveil Gaza. Turkey has ten specially made ones, with stronger engines and Turkish imaging equipment.

Getty/Israel Aerospace Industries
An IAI Heron keeps an eye on the ground.

The Turks also operate three US-made MQ-1 Predator drones. When equipped with Hellfire missiles, these drones can pick out targets on the ground that don't even know they are being watched. Turkey has more Predators on order.

Wikimedia Commons
A Predator drone patrols the skies.

The US-designed Black Hawk is a proven military helicopter that is still used by the US army. Turkey recently signed a deal to acquire 115 specially modified ones.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Black Hawks flying in formation.

The Panter Howitzer is a massive field gun that was recently developed in Turkey for use by its army. It has a range of twenty-five miles.

Turkish soldiers show of a Panter.

The US-designed MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System is capable hitting targets that are one hundred miles away. Turkey has 100 of them.

Wikimedia Commons
A MGM-140 launches a missile.

The Turkish military proudly introduced the Turkish-designed Altay tank into service this year. The Altay is made by the Turkish company Otokar, which is better known for making busses.

An Altay tank shows what it's capable of.

Turkey also has its own air-to-surface missile: the Mızrak-U. The guided missiles can lock on to and engage targets five miles away.

A Mızrak-U is launched from a helicopter.

The BMC Kirpi is yet another home-grown piece of Turkish military hardware. The Turkish army has over 600 of them. Kirpi means hedgehog in Turkish.

A Kirpi shows off its imposing presence.

Turkey is in the process of equipping its military with half a million rifles. The gun was developed in Turkey over six years to suit the climates and terrain operated in by Turkish troops.

A Turkish soldier holds the new MGM-140.

The Turkish-designed and built Ada-class stealth ships are equipped to deal with everything from submarines to aircraft. Turkey has two of them and plans to build another ten.

The TCG Heybeliada, an Ada-class ship.

The Turkish Navy also has 13 German-made type 209 submarines. Each one is armed with 14 torpedoes and anti-ship missiles, ensuring that Turkey remains a force to be reckoned with at sea.

Wikimedia Commons
The S-353 TCG Preveze, a Type 209/1400 submarine belonging to Turkish Navy.

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