The Turkish military has taken control of media, so the President had to make a statement on Apple FaceTime

Erdogan coupYouTube/Habertürk TV Canlı YayınErdogan making a statement on FaceTime.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement aired on CNN Turk, on Apple FaceTime on Friday night in response to a coup staged by the Turkish armed forces.

The “military coup will be thwarted,” said Erdogan, appearing on a shaky iPhone screen held by CNN Turk correspondent Hande Firat.

The Turkish military apparently staged a coup on Friday night, deploying military into the streets of Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey’s largest city and capital, respectively.

Erdogan had been vacationing in Bodrum, on the southern Turkish coast, at the time of the uprising. He has been refused landing rights by the military, which has taken control of Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

“I call on our people to gather in squares, airports,” Erdogan said.

“Let them come with their tanks,” Erdogan continued. “I am commander in chief in this country. Those who attempted a coup will pay the highest price.”

Erdogan also said that he couldn’t confirm whether the army chief had been taken hostage.

The military has taken over TRT, the state-run television broadcaster in Ankara, multiple sources are reporting.

Pictures are surfacing on Twitter purporting to show soldiers inside the station:

TRT has gone off the air, reports the BBC. Explosions were heard inside the building, according to multiple reports on Twitter.

“Just got asked to leave work (the state broadcaster) by about 40 or 50 armed soldiers,” journalist Arabella Munro tweeted. “They took our phones. #istanbul.”

This is a developing situation.

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