At least 10 people were killed in Turkey following a military raid

10 people were reportedly killed by government forces in the basement of a building in Cizre, a Kurdish town in south east Turkey.
According to state media, the military raid took place to neutralise members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The state-run TRT news website initially reported 60 deaths but later retracted the information.

Reports on who were killed exactly is also conflicting. 

The Turkish government says that the people who were killed were PKK militants. However, the locals said many civilians are among the dead.

The local media report that the governor of the Şırnak province in Turkey issued a statement on Monday saying that counter-terrorism operations were still taking place in Cizre. The governor’s office also confirmed the number of casualties.

Explosions also occurred in the Cudi neighbourhood of the Şırnak province, breaking the windows of surrounding houses Doğan news agency reports, and a series of gunshots and other explosions were also reported.

According to Doğan news agency the Turkish General Staff has also announced that 6 PKK militants were killed in the Sur district of the Diyarbakır province on Monday.

After a two-year cease-fire between the Turkish government and the PKK ended last summer, Turkey launched what it called a “synchronised war on terror,” which was supposed to include fighting ISIS in Syria and fighting the Kurdish PKK in Turkey.

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