Turkey Day Football Preview: A Feast of Best Bets


“Pass the yams and the hundo you owe me!”

That’s what you’ll be saying after you take the picks from the Skulldog Show

We give thanks to the NFL and NCAA for the bountiful feast of football on Thursday. It’s a great way to bond with the family or simply avoid small-talk while you sit with crazy uncle “Jimbo.”

Sure, Dallas is a huge disappointment, Detroit is the constant whipping-post and the University of Texas seems to be taking a year off, but there are some intriguing match-ups here that should provide for a little entertainment. 

Game #1: New England Patriots visiting the Detroit Lions (+7)

Well, the good news here is that you can start the day off light on the betting side, before your brother-in-law starts getting too deep into the “liquid courage.” This is not a great game to bet on. New England should win this game and could really run away with it (Detroit has lost its past six Thanksgiving match-ups by an average of 23 points). However, Detroit has managed to play tight games against tough opponents this year and New England is very vulnerable to the pass. It’s a sketchy one, so go light. We are leaning towards Detroit plus the points. 

Game #2: New Orleans Saints visiting the Dallas Cowboys (+3)

It’s time to start pulling out a few more sheckles on this game. Dallas is feeling a bit more focused with the big coaching shake-up, Kitna is now warmed-up and Dallas will be rocking at home with their annual Turkey-Day crowd. However, Dallas doesn’t run the ball that well and New Orleans is very good against the pass. In general, the Saints appear to be shaking off the shaky start to the season and Dallas is still a very fragile team. You should feel more confident upping the ante on the Saints in this game. 

Game #3: Texas A&M visiting the University of Texas (+3)

This is where you can really make your Thanksgiving happy! Somebody is down cash to you already and is looking to make up the difference by doubling-down on the NCAA game. Perfect timing for you, because this is your favourite game of the day. Texas A&M has been on a roll since changing QBs and re-igniting their “Wrecking Crew” defence. Texas has been reeling all season long and terrible at home. This line is simply off and you get to capitalise. We almost feel sorry for your poor bro-in-law here. Almost. Take A&M and give the 3 with ease. 

Game #4: Cincinnati Bengals visiting the New York Jets (-10)

So you are now wrapping up your Thanksgiving feast and you’re riding high on the day’s wins. Your wife is either completely bummed that you have been sitting in front of the TV day extorting cash from her brother, or you she is happy that you have ‘bonded’ with her brother and have extra cash for buying her some Holiday bling. Well, you can slide off into the sunset in your food coma with one final game. You lighten the load a bit on this one, because you don’t want to be “that guy” taking complete advantage of your inside knowledge. You should take the Bengals and the points here because the Jets aren’t a team that blow the opposition out and the Bengals have just enough weapons to stay within that lofty number. 

Best of luck everyone! The Skulldog Show will be having a special broadcast tonight (Wednesday) at 9PM PST. We will cover these games and the other big NCAA Football and NFL match-ups of the week. Feel free to listen to the live broadcast, call-in or grab the replay tomorrow. 

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