Turbotax's New Google Ads Go To Twitter... And Not Turbotax.com

While everyone is talking how Google (GOOG) may be in talks to acquire Twitter, Google is rolling out new features that tie its AdSense program closer to the microblogging service.

AdSense customers now have the option to stream their last five tweets across Google’s ad network. And the first customer is Turbotax, whose ads send customers to its Twitter page instead of its main page, AdAge reports.

Part of this is obviously a PR stunt: Do something innovative with Twitter and tech journos will blog about it and bring attention to the brand (and we’ve been suckered in).

But we question whether TurboTax is doing the right thing here. The AdSense campaign raises people’s awareness that the company is on Twitter and talking to customers there. Great. But Twitter is a means, not an end. The end is selling TurboTax software.

Turbotax reps say it’s not about the “hard sell.” We love Twitter too, but with only 12 days left to go in tax season, the time for a hard sell is now.

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