Devastating Tornado Hits Tupelo, MS, Creating A Giant Debris Ball

NWSRadar from the National Weather Service showing the supercells and tornadoes over Tupelo, MS.

A giant and severe tornado has hit Tupelo, MS, the birthplace of Elvis Presley. It seems to have hit a local mall, creating severe destruction and even creating a giant debris ball that’s visible on radar.

According to

A tornado emergency is in effect for Tupelo in Lee County as well as northwestern Itawamba and southeastern Pontotoc Counties.

At 2:43 p.m., trained weather spotters reported a tornado. This tornado was located near Bissell, or near Tupelo, moving northeast at 50 MPH.

Several tractor-trailers were reportedly blown off of the road at the busy intersection of US 78 and US 45 in Tupelo.

If you have friends and family in Tupelo, urge them to take cover.

Images are surfacing of the damage on twitter:

Here are some of the radar images, which show the huge ball of debris the tornado is carrying with it, that we are seeing being shared on social media:

The tornado-spewing supercell storms are lined up one right after the other:

Here’s a scary video of the weatherman at the local news station WVTA taking cover right before the feed goes out.

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