Thousands Of People In Tunisia Are Storming Government Buildings, After Another Day Of Deadly Riots


Photo: AP

Right now, protesters are swarming government buildings in Tunisia’s capital, Tunis, calling for the country’s president to resign, according to the BBC.The current president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, is a dictator and has been in power since 1987.

The reason for the current uproar is food price inflation and unemployment. But the spark to turn this into an unprecedented event may have been the deaths of civilians over the weekend, shot by government troops during riots.

The latest alarming news from the BBC live blog:

Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV says protesters are trying to “storm” the Central Bank in Tunis. The bank is on Avenue Mohamed V, to the north of the interior ministry.

Check out photos of those riots that left over 20 dead here >

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