This Is What A $US70,000 Tuna Looks Like

This 507-lb. bluefin tuna caught off northern Japan sold for 7.36 million yen ($70,324 ) at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo on Jan.5, making it the highest price paid at the market’s first tuna auction of the year.

Check out this massive fish:

TunaREUTERS/Yuya ShinoKiyomura Co’s President Kiyoshi Kimura (C), who runs a chain of sushi restaurants, poses for pictures with a 230 kg (507 lbs) bluefin tuna at his sushi restaurant outside Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo January 5, 2014.

Last year a different the owner of a different Japanese sushi restaurant chain paid $US1.76 million for a 489-lb. bluefin tuna.

Svati Kiersten Narula of The Atlantic describes the Sushinomics surrounding the blufin auction, including why the price for the top fish dropped off so much. Here’s a snippet:

“At the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, the first bluefin auction of the year represents many things: growing consumer demand for bluefin sashimi, the exploitation of natural resources, the collapse of a species,shortsightedness in the face of impending doom to the entire ocean, a depraved publicity stunt.”

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