Tumblr's Ad Sales Pitch Deck Says Brands Will Now Be 'Front And centre'

Tumblr pitch deckWhat the new ads will look like.

Tumblr is wasting no time in ramping up the amount of advertising it serves now that its $1.1 billion acquisition by Yahoo has been announced.

Tumblr will launch a test of “in-stream” ads on its desktop users’ dashboards as soon as tomorrow, a source tells Business Insider. A company representative declined to comment.

The ads will look like normal posts from other Tumblr users, appearing in users’ personal news feeds.

Previously, ads on Tumblr have been restricted to the “radar” and “spotlight” section of users’ dashboards. Those positions are less intrusive and easily ignored by users.

In-stream ads, however, will appear as if they have come from someone a Tumblr user has followed. (When you follow someone on Tumblr, their blog posts are aggregated into your personal dashboard news feed.)

The ads are in “beta,” according to a copy of the sales pitch deck obtained by BI. The program was clearly in the works prior to the Yahoo deal. A “select” group of advertisers will be chosen for the test. It includes:

  • An entry fee of $200,000.
  • Clients will get 10 “Radar” posts between May 21 and July 21
  • In addition, those clients get 10 web in-stream posts targeted at U.S. users.

Ads are coming to the dashboard news feed of Tumblr's desktop users.

Tumblr says it delivers 20 billion pageviews and 225 million unique visitors per month.

The posts will be exposed to Tumblr's global audience.

Tumblr also offers to mention beta partners in its own press materials.

The whole package costs $200,000.

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