Tumblr Wants $25,000 Per Ad—Here’s What They Look Like

tumblr spotlight

[credit provider=”Tumblr / Screengrab”]

Tumblr, the blogging platform with a massive audience but negligible revenues, has set its entry-level ad price at $25,000, the company said in an email.The ad spots are on Tumblr Radar and Tumblr Spotlight, adjuncts to the user dashboard that promotes interesting blogs not connected with your own. Advertisers can look at this page for more on how to buy into Tumblr Radar.

The company said:

“We want to provide a great experience for both our sponsors and users, so we’ve taken tremendous care with these products and are looking for advertisers who will be just as thoughtful.”

As an example, Tumblr used a “Hunger Games” blog created by Lionsgate to promote the film (see screenshot above).

The $25,000 price point compares with Twitter, which has a $15,000 entry point.

Here’s how the same “Hunger Games” blog would look promoted in Tumblr Radar (see below):

tumblr radar

[credit provider=”Tumblr / Screengrab”]

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