Photographic Proof: Women Like Tumblr

Can you judge a Web 2.0 service by the people who come to its parties? If so:

  • Digg: Sweaty, socially awkward dudes.
  • Tumblr: Brainy ladies and the people who like them.

Go figure: We attended Tumblr’s NYC Meetup in TriBeCa Sunday night expecting another sausage fest, and found something much more more pleasant.

The geek-girls were out in force. “Tumblr is totally estrogen-y,” said blogger Jessica Gold Haralson. “If anything, it’s a complete doughnut fest.”

Event organisers pegged the 200 attendees at “60% female / 40% male.” That seems about right to us. A stage was set up for gamers to take a spin on the Xbox 360 game Rock Band, and boy-wonder Tumblr founder David Karp took to the plastic guitars for a rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep.”

Photos: Eric Krangel / Silicon Alley Insider

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