Tumblr Rival Posterous Gets Money, Too


Shortly after NYC-based blogging service Tumblr says it raised $4.5 million in venture financing, its San Francisco-based rival Posterous announced it’s raised some money of its own: $725,000 from XG Ventures and angel investors.

Both sites offer simple “microblogging,” but Posterous is focused on getting people to post by email. Posterous also launched “group blogging” today. (Tumblr, meanwhile, is in the process of preparing “pro” features that will, in theory, start bringing in revenue.)

Tumblr dwarfs Posterous in traffic: Compete says 1.1 million unique U.S. visitors went to Tumblr.com last month, while Posterous.com drew only 120,000. This isn’t the best metric, as both sites include other ways to access/post content, but it should be directionally correct.

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