Tumblr Grew Its US Desktop Audience Faster Than Any Other Major Social Network In 2013

Tumblr saw more U.S. desktop audience growth in 2013 than any other top social Web property, according to comScore.

The Yahoo-owned social network finished the year with more than 34 million desktop users in the U.S., 15% more than it had in January 2013.

Tumblr now has almost 6 million more U.S. desktop users than Pinterest has. Pinterest’s U.S. desktop audience actually declined slightly last year.

To be fair, top social Web properties are much more mobile-reliant than they were in years past. However, Tumblr is strong on mobile as well; one in two active users access Tumblr through its mobile app. The fact that its desktop audience continues to grow indicates that Tumblr usage is healthy and that people are using the social network on multiple devices.

Reports recently have focused on a plateau in growth of Tumblr’s desktop and mobile Web audience since Yahoo’s acquisition. The December data indicates that growth over the year as a whole, though, is strong. And Tumblr’s progress on desktop is notable given that other social networks have seen a falloff in desktop usage during the year.

Facebook still has the largest desktop audience in the U.S. among social networks, but it ended the year with 3% fewer users than it began with.

Download the chart and data in Excel.

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