Tumblr Loses Its Innocence

david karp

Tumblr, the so-easy-your-dad-can-do-it blogging service, just lost a little bit of its innocence.

David Karp’s tiny startup, flush with Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures cash and short on revenue, has hired a PR firm. (Gasp!)

Karp and Tumblr president/adult supervisor John Maloney have trusted LaunchSquad to schedule a meeting with us about “news we have coming up” as well as access to David’s “perspective on trends leading the industry.” For example: “He hates the term ‘Lifestreaming’.” (We, too! What is it?)

The good news is that this move is not likely to offend Tumblr’s hipster user base, as a healthy percentage work in the PR industry. The better news is that we are happy to schedule a meeting, if we’re still invited.

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