Tumblr is getting sucked into the Yahoo mothership

Marissa mayer david karp tumblr yahooMario Tama, Getty ImagesTumblr CEO David Karp and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo is planning a big reorganization that will bring Tumblr more closely into the company, instead of allowing it to be run as a largely independent business unit.

The Information reports that CEO Marissa Mayer discussed the reorg last week at an offsite meeting for execs.

She has asked former Tumblr CEO David Karp which senior vice president within the company he would like to report to. Mayer spent over $US1 billion on Tumblr in May 2013, but the division is unlikely to meet her stated goal of $US100 million in revenue this year, according to The Information’s report.

Tumblr might be brought under Simon Khalaf, who was the CEO of Flurry, a mobile analytics startup that Yahoo bought last year. He is reportedly being promoted to senior VP.

Also, mobile products leader Adam Cahan could take over video from Michael Kerns, who is reportedly considering taking a leave of absence. Cahan is a controversial figure at the company, according to reporting by Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson for his book on Yahoo, who says that some at the company consider him “difficult to get along with” and “quick to take credit for the work of others.”

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