Tumblr Has New Tools To Help Brands [THE BRIEF]

David KarpCharlie RoseTumblr founder David Karp.

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Tumblr has new analysis tools that are helpful for brands. It will let them know how much time people are spending on brands’ Tumblr pages and then compare that to performance on Facebook and YouTube pages. Pepsi and Adidas are reportedly using the new offerings. The move was expected — although some thought Tumblr would be slow to incorporate advertising in the post Yahoo acquisition era, the company has actually accelerated its ad offerings since then.

Ad Exchanger compares how much AOL spent on Adap.tv to other major acquisitions.

Grey promoted Leo Savage and Jeff Stamp, creatives on the Gillette business, to group creative directors. Agency Spy reports this is the first time someone has received this title at the company.

Digiday does side-by-side comparisons of which brand Vined something the best.

The IAB announced finalists for the 2013 MIXX Awards.

Wired is getting more serious about creating native ad content.

Adweek looks at the history of the Egg McMuffin.

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