Tuesday No Longer The Cheapest Day To Buy Petrol - Try The Weekend Instead

Photo: Getty Images

It seems Aussies are stuck in old ways, unaware that the fuel price cycle has change and that Tuesday is no longer the cheapest day to buy petrol.

Findings from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reveal that in the past month, Tuesday has been the most expensive day to buy petrol in Sydney.

But people continue to fill up based on the old habit of cheaper Tuesdays.

In fact the data shows the cheapest days are now on the weekends and Mondays.

Previously the cycle has included a weekly peak and a weekly low, but this only happens once a fortnight, with just two peaks a month rather than four or five reports The Herald Sun.

General manager of Fueltrac, which provided data analysis of the Australian fuel market, Geoff Trotter, told Herald Sun that fuel companies are taking advantage of people using the old cycle.

“People were conditioned over time with regular weekly cycles.

“The old cheap Tuesday was the way people remembered it, but they have changed the cycling and the days,” said Trotter.

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