Tucker Carlson Launching Yet Another Doomed HuffPo Lookalike

tucker carlson

These days everyone wants to be Arianna Huffington. Including bow-tied right winger Tucker Carlson, who will be the latest to start a HuffPo-like news blog/aggregator when his “The Daily Caller” launches.

Right now, the site reads:

“Coming soon. The Daily Caller will be home to some of the most timely, accurate and fearless journalism on the web. With original reporting on politics, government and culture, breaking news updated to the minute, satire, analysis and research, we hope to be the first site you read in the morning, and the last you check before dropping off to sleep. Every day.”

A look at HuffPo’s traffic chart tells you why Carlson (and everyone else) thinks it’s a good idea to jump into the noisy Web news aggregation business. And we suppose that anything — even the nth iteration of the same idea — could take off with the right mix of content and luck.

But prelaunch, this smells like a flop. Does anyone care enough about Tucker Carlson to bother visiting The Daily Caller instead of HuffPo, Tina Brown’s Daily Beast, Newser, Stimulist, True/Slant, or any of the newish news blogs/aggregators? Especially now that HuffPo is catching on with right-leaning politicians, too?

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