Tucker Carlson addresses assault allegation in first tweet since Fox News’ Twitter blackout

  • Tucker Carlson tweeted Sunday evening for the first time since Fox News instituted a Twitter blackout.
  • The Twitter blackout, in which employees were instructed not to share Fox News content on the platform and which has seen Fox News’ official account go days without tweeting, was reportedly instituted to protest Twitter’s response to tweets containing Carlson’s address.
  • On Saturday, a man named Juan Manuel Granados accused Carlson of assaulting him at a country club in Virginia.

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson tweeted Sunday evening for the first time since Fox News instituted a Twitter blackout for an entire section of the company, reportedly in response to threats to Carlson.

Fox News had ordered its entire digital team to avoid tweeting Fox News content from their personal accounts, and the official Fox News Twitter account has been silent since Thursday.

Carlson too had avoided tweeting before Sunday evening, when he defended himself against an assault allegation.

“Last month one of my children was attacked by a stranger at dinner,” Carlson wrote. “For her sake, I was hoping to keep the incident private. It’s now being politicized by the Left. Here’s what happened.”

Attached to the post was a lengthy statement providing Carlson’s account of a dispute at Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia. Carlson denied assaulting his accuser.

A blackout made for him

Carlson is believed to be at the center of Fox News’ Twitter blackout.

In an email obtained by Business Insider, the Fox News managing editor Greg Wilson told the entire digital team, approximately 140 people, to “please refrain from tweeting out our content from either section accounts or your own accounts until further notice.”

A Fox News source cited by Tribune Media’s Scott Gustin reportedly said the decision came from “the highest level” of the company and was a form of protest after Twitter did not immediately delete tweets containing Carlson’s home address.

As many as 20 people were believed to have gathered outside Carlson’s home on Wednesday night amid a protest organised by a group called Smash Racism DC after his address was leaked on Twitter.

A Fox News source told Mediaite that Fox News’ Twitter blackout was “a conscious decision in light of what was done to Tucker.”

Playing defence

Carlson’s Sunday tweet came as a response to other recent news involving him – assault allegations brought forth by a man named Juan Manuel Granados.

On Saturday, the lawyer Michael Avenatti, who has become known for representing people bringing claims against high-profile conservative figures, tweeted video that appeared to show Carlson screaming “get the f— out” at another patron of a Virginia country club. Avenatti claimed that “Carlson and/or members of his inner circle” assaulted Granados.

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In response to an inquiry from Business Insider on Saturday, Fox News sent the same statement that Carlson would eventually post, in which Carlson denied assaulting Granados. Carlson said Granados had called his daughter a “f—— whore,” which Carlson said prompted his son to throw a glass of wine in Granados’ face.

Granados later published his own lengthy response in which he denied any name-calling and accused Carlson of threatening violence.

Granados said he planned to bring charges against Carlson, Carlson’s son, and another man present at the incident.