TSA Wouldn't Let Chewbacca Actor Take His 'Star Wars' Lightsaber Through Airport

peter mayhew harrison ford‘Star Wars’ actors Peter Mayhew and Harrison Ford at the St. Jude 30th Anniversary screening of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in 2010.

Don’t mess with Chewbacca — or the actor who played him. 

Peter Mayhew who starred as the Wookiee in the original “Star Wars” films had his walking cane confiscated by security at Denver Airport.

The cane’s design is meant to resemble a lightsaber from the films.  

The 69-year-old, 7-foot-tall Mayhew was flying home from the city’s Comic Con convention.  

In response, the Chewbacca actor took to Twitter, posting photos of TSA looking over his cane and airing his frustrations. 

Mayhew was finally allowed to board his plane home to Boyd, Texas with his lightsaber cane.

After the entire ordeal, Mayhew tweeted a photo of himself reunited with the lightsaber cane.

TomoNewsUS produced an animated video of the entire ordeal.

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