Airport Security Is About To Get Faster—If You're Willing To Pay Up

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If long waits, pat-downs and body scans aren’t your thing, you’ll be thrilled to hear the Transportation Security Administration is working with two airlines to do away with all that. American and Delta are rolling out “Precheck,” a free service that takes the hassle out of modern-day flying, reports the Wall Street Journal’s Middle Seat blog.

But there’s a catch—you’ve gotta be enrolled in Global Entry, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s $100 program, and then you can transfer into Precheck free of charge. 

Precheck’s still in its pilot phase and is currently available at nine airports (Global entry covers 24). But with plans to expand to more airports and airlines, TSA feels confident Precheck could cut down on aggravating wait times—good news if you’re flying out of busy hubs like LAX and Chicago O’Hare. 

Precheck aims to move from the one-size fits all screening process to one in which passengers get to keep their jackets, shoes and belts on, their laptops and liquids in their carry-on, and stroll through the metal detector like they did before 9/11. 

TSA won’t disclose how many people have enrolled in Precheck, but we’re guessing the wait list is insane.

To learn more about signing up, visit TSA’s website, and just make sure you’re not on a terrorist watchlist or a non-U.S. citizen. 

Can’t afford precheck? Use this expert guide to move through security quickly. 

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