The TSA Has A New iPhone App (But It Won't Save You From The Scanners)


The TSA has released a free iPhone app just in time for Thanksgiving.

Don’t expect this gesture to do anything stop the raging outrage over X-ray scanners and enhanced pat-downs. But it’s actually a pretty good travel app.

My TSA comes with features like wait estimates, delay listings and security guidelines.

First the good news: It's free!

The app takes a moment to load new info

You can check out airports around the country

There's a 31+ minute wait at LaGuardia's security line

It lets you know what flights are delayed

Unlike other airport apps, this one tells you what to wear

It answers all your questions about carry-ons

Batteries are OK...

We're not sure about lead underwear

But don't worry, the X-Ray scanner is 100% safe (they say)

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