The TSA Found Yet Another Sword Hidden In A Cane Last Week

tsa swiss army knife tool nachos
A knife was found in a passenger’s food container.

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Friday’s edition of the “Week in Review” on the TSA’s blog, which rounds up the various prohibited items found by airport security agents, noted the discovery of yet another sword concealed in a passenger’s cane.In a November 2 post, TSA blogger Bob Burns described sword canes as “a very common item.” He wrote:

Sword + Cane = Sword Cane. These seem to be a very common item and the majority of people who possess them had no idea there was a sword in their cane. Tip – if you have a second-hand cane, try pulling it apart. You might be surprised.

This week, the TSA also found 20 fireworks in a checked bag at Norfolk, and a multi-tool knife in a metal food container full of what look like nachos.

Last week, the roundup included an expended rocket launcher and 40 stun guns.

Here’s the latest sword cane:

tsa sword cane

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