The TSA Keeps Finding Swords Hidden In Passengers' Canes

sword cane lipstick knife tsa

Photo: TSA

In the TSA’s “Week in Review,” a regular blog entry covering the various prohibited items confiscated from air travellers, one unusual item makes a surprisingly high number of appearances: the “sword cane.”In the November 2, entry, blogger Bob Burns wrote:

Sword + Cane = Sword Cane. These seem to be a very common item and the majority of people who possess them had no idea there was a sword in their cane. Tip – if you have a second-hand cane, try pulling it apart. You might be surprised. The latest one was discovered at Akron (CAK).

That tip did not get through to two more passengers found with cane swords this month, one at LaGuardia the week of November 9 and another at Baton Route this past week.

In a twist on the motif, a passenger at the Cleveland airport was found with a stun gun affixed to the end of their cane the week of November 23.

stun gun cane tsa

Photo: TSA

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