A Tampa TSA Director Saved A Woman From A Burning Car

car on fire in woodsThe flaming car in question, after Flaherty and another passerby pulled its driver to safety.

Photo: TSA

With all the bad press the Transportation Security Administration gets, it’s understandable that it likes to make a big deal out of its accomplishments.But this one is pretty good: According to the TSA blog, Tampa International Airport Deputy Assistant Federal Security Director Jim Flaherty helped save a woman from a burning car.

While driving, Flaherty stopped when he came across a car that had crashed into a group of trees and caught on fire:

Jim and another passerby parked their cars and ran to the automobile to assist the driver. The driver’s side door was wedged against a tree and the driver was screaming that her leg was broken.

They needed to act fast, so Jim – a 20-year veteran NYC police detective and a U.S. Army Veteran along with the passerby ran to the passenger’s side to free the woman’s leg and pull her from the car. Like a scene out of Hollywood blockbuster, the car was completely engulfed in flames after they carried her away.

Here’s Flaherty, the TSA hero:

jim flaherty tsa hero

Photo: TSA

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