TSA Agents Found A New Kind Of 'Sword Cane' This Week

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) finds many dangerous items every week, including a lot of loaded guns and a surprising number of swords hidden in canes.

Last week’s haul, detailed in the TSA Blog’s Week in Review, included an item we haven’t seen before, and that we can only describe as a “dagger scepter” or “dagger baton.”

The TSA calls it a knife concealed in a cane, but the “cane” is under a foot long. Either way, the 2.5″ blade, found at Washington Dulles International Airport, looks dangerous, and not like something that should be on an aeroplane.

TSA agents also found 50 guns at security checkpoints this week (including seven in one checked toolbox), 10 stun guns, two inert grenades, and a can of tear gas.

Here’s the “sword cane” in question:

tsa sword cane dagger knife

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