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This is part of my ongoing Series on Angel Investing. As promised in my last post I am compiling a list of Angel Investors who blog. Obviously this initial list is incomplete and has inaccuracies, so please help out by making suggestions and corrections. You will note that not all of these blogs are about angel investing per se, as in many cases the blogs address the personal interests of the investors themselves which is consistent with our continuing exercise in Angel Profiling!

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Jeff Clavier (investor)
Chris Sacca (ex-googler, founder of lowercase capital)
Dave McClure (entrepreneur, 500 Hats)
Jason Calacanis (entrepreneur, ceo Mahalo, poker player)
Keith Rabois (entrepreneur, executive)

Tim Ferriss (author of 4 Hour Work Week)
Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) (musician, blackeyed peas)
Ashton Kutcher (actor)

Max Levchin (entrepreneur, CEO Slide)
Bill Lee (entrepreneur, founder Remarq)
Naval Ravikant (entrepreneur, epinions, venturehacks)
Kevin Fox (entrepreneur)
Seth Goldstein (entrepreneur)
Auren Hoffman (entrepreneur, CEO Rapleaf)
Joshua Schachter (entrepreneur, founder Delicious)
Gabriel Weinberg (entrepreneur)
Shervin Pishevar (entrepreneur)
Jeremie Berribie (entrepreneur)
Brock Blake (founder Funding Universe)
Kimbal Musk  (entrepreneur, founder Me.dium)
Mitch Kapor (entrepreneur)
Howard Lindzon (entrepreneur, founder Stocktwits)
Paul Kedrosky (investor, writer)
Joi Ito  (entrepreneur, founder, Creative Commons)
Alexander Muse (entrepreneur)
David Rose (founder AngelSoft, NY Angels)
Esther Dyson (ED Venture Holdings)
Dave Lerner  (entrepreneur, Columbia Venture Lab)
David Tisch  (NY Tech Stars)
Roger Ehrenberg  (IA Ventures)
Gary Vaynerchuk (entrepreneur, WineLibrary TV)
Pat Matthews (entrepreneur, founder of
Micah Rosenbloom (entrepreneur, co-founder Brontes, Founder’s Collective)
Chris Dixon (entrepreneur, co-founder Hunch, Founder’s Collective)
J. Basil Peters (angel investor)
Michael Parekh (investor)
Travis Kalanick (entrepreneur)
Stephen Gill (entrepreneur)
Eric Paley (entrepreneur, Founder’s Collective)
Roy Rodenstein (entrepreneur, founder Going)
Jeremy Miller (entrepreneur, founder Punchfork)
David Shen (product guy, former Yahoo)
Kip McClanahan (entrepreneur, TippingPoint, 3Com)
Dave Nakayama (former Yahoo)
Will Herman (entrepreneur, Innoveda, Viewlogic Systems)
Bill Boebel (entrepreneur,, Rackspace)

Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures)
Mark Suster (GRT Partners)
Brad Feld (The Foundry Group)
Roger Ehrenberg (IA Ventures)

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