3 Things About Success Everyone Should Know

Success means something different to everyone — but there are certain truths that apply to almost all definitions.

Here are three:

1. Success is messy.

“It demands passion — inside and out,” explains speaker and business strategist Dan Waldschmidt in a recent blog post. “There are no ‘kinda’ or ‘sorta’ or ‘maybe’ types of success. You either are where you want to be or you’re not. It’s that simple. Along the way you can expect to lose friends, money, and your wits.” 

And, he says, you’re going to screw up and perhaps even hurt people. “But you can’t be amazing and perfect all at the same time.”

2. Success is a choice.

“You can’t pretend like you want to be amazing. You have to actually change your life,” Waldschmidt says. “Your habits need to improve. Your daily schedule needs to improve. What you eat, where you go, who you hang out with  — that all needs to improve if you want to improve.”

Aside from that, you have to be willing to make hard choices and do hard work, he explains, “even when no one is standing behind you cheering you on.”

And because success is a choice, you can’t make someone else want to be successful. “They have to want it for themselves.”

3. Success is worth it. 

No matter what your journey looks like right now, success is possible. And it’s worth it, Waldschmidt explains.

“The journey to get to where you want to be is full of everything that you’re running from right now. But on the other side of all that pain and stress and suffering is the prize you so desperately want. So get busy getting that. Go be amazing.”

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