Blodget Huffington DavosThe main activity in Davos: Bloviating.

Five years ago, when the folks at the World Economic Forum first invited me to Davos, I began writing a series called “The Truth About Davos.”

The goal of the series was to convey what the conference is actually like, instead of just reporting news or regurgitating marketing speak.

This “truth about Davos,” I suspected, was not necessarily going to be negative–it was just going to be truth (good, bad, funny, silly, sad, ironic, whatever).

And that’s what it turned out to be.

Well, it’s Davos time again, and, once again, the Forum has been kind enough to invite me. I’m now even a member of the International Media Council!

What’s happened at Davos so far?

Well, for one thing, lots of parties. Last night, for example, just after midnight, I found myself outside in the snow doing vodka shots and drinking hot pumpkin soup at a frigid chalet party hosted by the CEO of a massive global corporation. There was a bar made of snow blocks, and a couple of outdoor fires, and the CEO of the massive global corporation was there with me, bouncing up and down to keep warm, doing vodka shots and making fun of my hat (which is indeed ridiculous, but also importantly warm). The CEOs of other massive global corporations were there, too. So was a former prime minister. And a finance minister. And the head of a major global investment bank. Etc. Last year, at the same party, Ronaldo was there, and he and the CEO of the massive global corporation kicked a soccer ball around in the snow. If nothing else — and it’s a lot else — Davos truly is the Super Bowl of Schmoozing.

One side-effect of being a member of the International Media Council is that you get some official duties, so that will leave me less time to regale you with the truth about Davos. Fortunately, my colleagues Nicholas Carlson, Chief Correspondent, and Jim Edwards, Editor in Chief of Business Insider UK, are also here this year, and they’re already writing up a storm. So, as we experience Davos, you’ll experience Davos.

In the meantime, here’s a selection of what we’ve learned in previous years…


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