Trust Us, Obama Isn’t Going To Help Pay For Your Electric Bill


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Thousands of consumers in Miami are getting scammy phone calls saying President Obama plans to pay their utilities, according to Jacey Birch of Local News 10 in Miami.As PSE&G energy company reports, the con artists tell consumers a federal grant will cover their energy bill for one time only.

The scammers then get the victim’s Social Security number, send a fake Federal Reserve routing number and have the victim enter his account number to receive the phony “credit.”

Scammers have been contacting consumers by email, social media and text as well. 

Avoiding these scams is pretty straightforward. Just never give out personal information like your Social security number by phone or over email. 

If you’re contacted unexpectedly and pressured to make a payment on the spot, don’t even think about it. Instead, hang up and call your utility provider to see what’s going on. 

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