Bruce Willis' Favourite Russian Bank Is Getting A Bailout

On Monday, the Central Bank of Russia announced that it will be bailing out the first bank of the current ruble crisis, the private lender Trust Bank.

The central bank will provide 30 billion rubles — roughly $US530 million — but did not officially say that Trust Bank’s problems were linked to the ruble’s plunge.

Additionally, the CBR stated that its Deposit Insurance Agency would take over supervision of Trust Bank as of Monday.

Over the past year, the ruble has dropped by 45% against the dollar, and last week was particularly brutal for the currency.

But here’s the real story: Bruce Willis is the face of Trust Bank.

Here’s what the homepage of the bank’s official site looks like.

And here’s a close up of one of the three-rotating images from the homepage.

The greatest holiday gift of them all: joining the Bruce Willis-endorsed bank.

A nice Bruce Willis-ed out header.

And here’s Bruce Willis in a leather jacket advertising for the Russian bank.

And here’s the creme de la creme: you can get yourself a Trust Bank card so that you can carry around Bruce Willis wherever you go. 

We’re sold.

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