Trump's iPhone only has Twitter installed

President Donald Trump tweets from an iPhone with only one app installed, Twitter, Axios reporter Mike Allen wrote on Thursday.

Trump’s aides like to keep him busy and limit his screen time, according to the report, so that he doesn’t send out as many controversial and often unedited tweets.

During the campaign last year and in the early days of his presidency, Trump often tweeted from an Android device that was described by The New York Times as “old, unsecured.”

Some security experts at the time suggested that Trump’s Android phone may have been insecure, especially since the specific model shown in photos, a Galaxy S3, had not received a security update since 2015.

But earlier this spring, Trump switched to an Apple iPhone, officials said. iPhones received regular security updates and are widely seen as a safer pick than older Android devices.

But it doesn’t sound like Trump has been exploring Apple’s App Store — he’s been sticking to the one app he knows best.

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