Trump's disapproval rating just hit a record high --  and he hit the mark faster than any modern president

President Donald Trump’s disapproval rating just hit a record high Tuesday in Gallup’s daily presidential tracking poll.

Trump’s disapproval rating hit 60%, its highest mark yet. His approval rating sat at 36%, the second lowest of his presidency.

When combined, his net approval rating of -24 was tied for the worst mark of his initial months in office. He previously hit that net approval rating in late March, when his approval was at its record low of 35%.

Previously, the president who hit a 60% disapproval rating the fastest in Gallup’s poll was President George H.W. Bush, who did so on his 1,290th day in office. Gallup has tracked disapproval ratings for every president since President Dwight Eisenhower.

Tuesday is the 144th day of the Trump presidency.

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