Trump winks when asked again about his mysterious 'calm before the storm' comment

Donald Trump winkCNNPresident Donald Trump.

In the Oval Office on Friday, President Donald Trump was asked again about his previous comment that we’re in “the calm before the storm,” winking in response to a reporter who wondered what he meant by it.

“You’ll find out,” Trump said after his wink. “We’ll see.”

During a Thursday night photo op at the White House with senior military officials, Trump said the moment “maybe” represented “the calm before the storm.”

“What’s the storm?” a reporter asked. “On Iran? On ISIS? On what?”

Trump deferred to praising the military, but then when asked again of the “storm” he spoke of, Trump said, “You’ll find out.”

The comments came amid tensions involving Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and strife with both Iran — over the nuclear deal — and North Korea.

Watch Trump’s wink:

Asked to clarify his “calm before the storm” comments, President Trump winks and says “you’ll find out”
— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) October 6, 2017

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