Some advisers are reportedly worried Trump will post his VP pick on Twitter without warning

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In San DiegoSpencer Platt/Getty ImagesRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump signs autographs after speaking at a rally in San Diego on May 27, 2016 in San Diego, California.

How will Donald Trump announce his vice-presidential pick?

According to a Wednesday Bloomberg report, some of his advisers are worried the brash billionaire will go rogue and post the announcement on Twitter with little warning.

Trump’s bombastic use of Twitter has been a constant throughout the 2016 campaign. The real-estate mogul has succeeded in using the medium to repeatedly shock the political class and drive the news conversation.

For his part, however, Trump has said that he would like to unveil his running mate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer. He dropped a few hints in his Bloomberg interview and said he had narrowed the field down to “four or five” candidates.

“I’d like to save it, give it the old fashioned way, right?” Trump reiterated to Bloomberg.

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