Trump supporters left a CNN host stunned over a question about voter fraud

A CNN interview with supporters of President-elect Donald Trump went off the rails on Thursday when some of the guests said they learned about alleged voter fraud on Facebook.

During the interview, CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked the group about their claims that millions of undocumented immigrants voted illegally in some states.

“Voting is a privilege in this country, and you need to be legal — not like in California, where 3 million illegals voted,” a Trump supporter said during the interview.

Camerota appeared puzzled when the female Trump supporter claimed she saw the news reported on multiple outlets.

“Google it, you can find it on Facebook,” another woman added.

Camerota then paused the interview to search for the news story on her phone, which she was immediately able to debunk.

“I see where it came from,” Camerota said to her interviewees. “Fox Business Network deceptively edited a clip of Barack Obama to argue that the president encouraged illegal immigrants to vote when in fact he said nothing of the sort when you go back to the transcript,” Camerota said, reading a news story that explained the misinformation.

Last weekend, Trump tweeted false claims that he lost the popular vote in the election because “millions” of undocumented immigrants voted illegally. There is no evidence to back up that claim.

The president-elect previously stoked speculation of voter fraud in the weeks leading up to the election, urging his supporters to be watchful of irregularities at the polls.

Watch the interview below:

— Yashar (@yashar) December 1, 2016

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