‘You were given many lies, go with our plan’: Trump tweets last ditch pitch to the public for GOP Obamacare replacement

Trump video
President Donald Trump White House/Twitter

President Donald Trump took time out of his last minute negotiations on the American Health Care Act — the GOP leadership’s bill to repeal and replace Obamacare — to send out a video message urging the public to show their support for the bill.

In a video message tweeted out Thursday morning, Trump listed the places where Obamacare, officially known as the Affordable Care act, fell short.

“Americans were told that Obamacare would bring down prices and increase options. You were told that you could keep your plan and keep your doctor,” said Trump in the video. “You were given many many false stories. The fact is, you were given many, many lies.”

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that 24 million people would lose their healthcare coverage over the next 10 years under the AHCA. Additionally, premiums would increase over the next two years before falling.

The House vote is expected Thursday, and based on statements from GOP lawmakers, it could be a close call. In the video, Trump urged Americans to call their representative to ask them to vote for the AHCA.

“Go with our plan, it’s going to be terrific, you’re going to be very, very happy” said Trump. “Call your local representative, call your Senator, let them know you’re behind our plan.”

The conservative House Freedom Caucus says they have enough GOP lawmakers that will vote “no” on the bill to block it, but Trump has engaged in last minute negotiations with the group to try and save the bill.

Watch the full video message below:


You were given many lies with #Obamacare! Go with our plan! Call your Rep & let them know you’re behind #AHCA ➡️ https://t.co/xAX4GJiO8z pic.twitter.com/qp90G49e0j
— President Trump (@POTUS) March 23, 2017

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