Trump is reportedly using 'special equipment' to bypass China's Twitter ban

Picture: Getty Images
  • President Trump is using Twitter in China, where the service is blocked.
  • He’s reportedly able to use Twitter because his team brought equipment to get around China’s internet firewall.

Trump’s team brought “special equipment”  to China that enables the president to get around the country’s internet firewall, according to an unnamed senior White House official speaking with NBC News’ Peter Alexander.

It’s unclear what type of “special equipment” that’s being used; there’s a wide variety of hardware and software tools that exist to circumvent internet blockages like the one in China. 

Since arriving in China last night, Trump has tweeted once. His latest message was sent on Wednesday morning:

Twitter use is banned in several countries, and users in those countries are outright unable to access the service without using workarounds that are often considered illegal. 

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