Trump defends settling Trump University fraud lawsuits for $25 million: 'I have to focus on our country'

Donald Trump on Saturday defended settling a series of fraud cases tied to Trump University for $25 million, tweeting that “as President I have to focus on our country.”

The Republican president-elect had repeatedly vowed not to settle the three cases, in which he was accused of fraud over his Trump University real-estate training program, which cost students up to $35,000.

He was facing two federal class-action lawsuits, as well as a case brought by the New York attorney general.

In February, during the presidential campaign, the caustic former reality-television tweeted that “Trump University has a 98% approval rating. I could have settled but won’t out of principle!”

But after a shock election victory, Trump agreed to a $25 million settlement.

Trump argued Saturday that he would have ultimately won the case, but as president-elect, he could not afford to devote his time to it.

“I settled the Trump University lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because as President I have to focus on our country,” he wrote. “The ONLY bad thing about winning the Presidency is that I did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on Trump U. Too bad!”

View his tweets below:

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman hailed the settlement Friday, calling it a “major victory for the over 6,000 victims of his fraudulent university.”

On Friday, he said in a statement: “Donald Trump fought us every step of the way, filing baseless charges and fruitless appeals and refusing to settle for even modest amounts of compensation for the victims of his phony university.”

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