‘Repeal or Repeal & Replace!’: Trump tells GOP senators ‘I have pen in hand’ before healthcare vote

The Senate is voting Tuesday whether or not to move forward with a debate to repeal Obamacare and President Donald Trump has indicted he’s ready to sign anything.

“ObamaCare is torturing the American People. The Democrats have fooled the people long enough. Repeal or Repeal & Replace! I have pen in hand,” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

Earlier Tuesday, Trump said we’re about to see if the GOP is “willing to step up to the plate.”

“Big day for HealthCare. After 7 years of talking, we will soon see whether or not Republicans are willing to step up to the plate!,” Trump tweeted.

It is still unclear what exactly a GOP healthcare bill from the Senate would look like.

The Senate vote received a burst of drama Monday night when Senator John McCain announced his return to Washington on Tuesday, nearly a week after his office announced he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

With McCain voting, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can afford two Republican “no” votes and still move forward with debate.

Trump welcomed McCain back to Washington Tuesday morning with a tweet.

“So great that John McCain is coming back to vote. Brave – American hero! Thank you John,” Trump tweeted.