Trump is going to call for a freeze on new financial regulations in a major speech about the economy

Donald trumpDrew Angerer/Getty ImagesDonald Trump in Manhattan.

Donald Trump on Monday will call for a temporary halt on new financial regulations in a major speech about the economy, Bloomberg reported.

Trump will address the Detroit Economic Club, and use the city’s woes to rail against President Obama’s economic policies while drawing contrasts between his plans and Hillary Clinton’s.

The Republican presidential nominee will say he won’t propose any new regulation until economic growth significantly improves, according to the report which cites campaign aides.

Trump had said he would likely repeal Dodd-Frank, the 2010 law that imposed new regulations on banks after the financial crisis.

On Monday, he’ll reportedly unveil a plan that’s friendly to small businesses with a 15% tax rate, and stress how the current administration’s regulations are weighing them down.

Bloomberg reported that Trump will call for a repeal of the estate tax, which requires a 40% levy on estates larger than $5.45 million for individuals and $10.9 million for couples.

On Friday, Trump announced his 13-man team of economic advisors, which included some of his biggest donors.

His Detroit speech comes after a Washington Post report on Sunday that activists who tried to stop Trump are petitioning the Republican National Committee to rescind his nomination.

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