Inside the new Trump-themed fish restaurant that's not his own

A Donald Trump-themed restaurant — one that’s not owned by the president-elect himself — just opened in
the heart of Iraqi Kurdistan.
Called Trump Fish, its specialty is carp, which comes grilled or fried.

Local businessman Nadyar Zawiti picked the name after hearing Trump’s promises to arm Kurdish forces to help defeat ISIS, he told CNN.

As Atlas Obscura points out, Zawiti stole the cartoon logo of Trump’s face from a 2015 Uproxx story, which mocked Trump’s failure to own an NFL franchise. The San Diego Chargers logo forms his hair.

The restaurant is likely the first one that includes Trump in its logo but was not launched or licensed by the president-elect. Trump has six of his own restaurants in Chicago, New York City, Waikiki, and Las Vegas.

Zawiti said that he dreams of opening another Trump Fish location near the White House someday — if Trump invites him.

For a joint that pays homage (or, perhaps, pokes fun) at the president-elect, the fish-centric menu may be fitting, considering Trump has previously admitted he is a fan of McDonald’s “Fish Delight” sandwiches.

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